Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home looks so different now

I'm back from Seattle and it was an absolutely amazing trip! Trees and mountains, water and green nature everywhere! I just loved it. I'm pretty exhausted and will probably sleep a good 14 hours tonight but it was all well worth the exhaustion. I woke up this morning to RAIN!

Sad now, cause I love rain and now I'm stuck back in 70-90 degree California weather. bleh. Oh Washington State, you stole my heart!

Now, it looks like someone threw up luggage all over my room and I'm just starting to catch up on the many blog posts and emails I have missed while I was away. Oh, and of course I will be uploading pictures galore to share with you all!

Happy Wednesday friends. Hope where you are it is much cooler than here!

1 comment :

  1. Oh, I'm so tired of rain right now! I could use some sunshine! Glad you had a great trip :)