Friday, June 11, 2010

Free at Last!

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My 12 day vacation from work has officially begun and words cannot describe how needed this is. For some reason, this week at work has been incredibly long and hard. I have definitely had more horrendous assignments and wasn't extremely busy, I guess.... it was just exhausting.

I have a feeling, the lack of sleep and the fact that I did a 16 hour shift in the beginning of the week, is what did me in. I've also been trying really hard to go to the gym during my break. I try to run at least 2 miles everyday and sometimes I lift weights as well... in light of that, I left work today practically limping my feet hurt so badly.

Needless to say... the week is over and tomorrow morning I will be heading off to Seattle with one of my best friends! We'll be spending a few days in downtown and also heading up to Vancouver for a day!

I can't wait and doing nothing but bumming around a new city, eating, getting coffee, taking some pictures and maybe getting a chance to do some fun outdoors-y things sounds like the perfect dose of medicine right now... that and a nice foot massage, haha.

Some fun suggestions we've had for things to do and see:
The Fremont Troll
Jimi Hendrix museum
Oyster Bar
Deadliest Catch boats in the pier (I love that show!)
Pike's Place Market

hmm, anything else?

Most of the tips I've had from people have centered around food, of course... haha no complaints here. That always seems to be the best part of traveling. :)

When I get home I will have 6 whole days to do nothing but sleep, relax, hang out with friends and catch up on non-work stuff. One of which is going to include hosting a terrarium party at my house! (More on that to come later)

Yay, for summer vacations!


  1. Have a fantastic time! You really have to do Pike Place Market in Seattle. And for a nice relaxing walk in Vancouver, do the Seawall at Stanley Park. It's beautiful. If you aren't heading into the city, White Rock is near the border and has some pretty funky places to eat as well as a killer view and a great ocean walk. :)

  2. Thanks for the tips! Especially about Vancouver, the seawall sounds amazing as does White Rock. How fun!

  3. Have fun, Andi! You deserve a break!