Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 1: Seattle!

Welcome to Pike's Place Market!

Our first stop after arriving in downtown...
Yup, you guessed it. The very first Starbucks in Pike's Place Market. I love Starbucks and since Seattle has over 400 in the city alone (literally one on every street corner) I was in pure heaven. My max espresso shot count for the day... 6!

Meet Helena, my partner in crime when it comes to traveling. She's the best at finding great travel deals (we snagged a trip to Hawaii for less than 500 each!) This is her reveling in the glory that is Starbucks! Also, Helena was lucky enough to have a college friend that lived near Seattle. He was so nice, he picked us up from the airport and him and his girlfriend chartered us around for the day. You'll meet them a little later. :)

The market itself was packed full of people. It was apparently the first no-rain, sunshine-filled day in a long while, so the masses were out to soak it in. One of my favorite parts of Pike's Place (other than the food) was the flowers they had. They were so gorgeous and really cheap!

Five dollars a bunch. Look at those colors!

There were all of these amazing cheeses and preserves. They had a ton of different vendors with everything from souvenir clothes to organic lotions and bath products.

I was sad that we didn't have a kitchenette in our hotel room because the food looked so good I wanted to buy a bunch and take it home with me. Although we did manage to bring home a good amount of fun market finds for our friends at home.

And of course the part of Pike's Place Market it is most well known for... Seafood!!

If you look closely you can see the fish guys throwing an order to each other. This was the famous spot where they throw the fish. Also I love all of the crab! As you will see in an upcoming post... I love the show Deadliest Catch... and Seattle is a crab boat mecca.

That fish you see is a Salmon and it was 40 lbs!! Seriously the picture does no justice to how big it was.
For lunch... pizza with mole sausage! yum

That was Pike's Place.... onto the second part of the day

Joel was Helena's college friend and Em was Joel's girlfriend. Hands down two of the absolute sweetest people I have ever met in my life. They were so nice to take us all around Seattle and even showed us to places outside of Seattle. One of which was Em's family's house. They lived on a beautiful little lake that we went canoeing around.

Joel, me and Helena paddling around the lake. I obviously had no idea a picture was being taken. I think at this point I had been up for 24 hours. Hence the need for multiple Starbucks coffees a day.

Our redneck version of a four person canoe. haha
The lake was beautiful... just the beginning of me falling in love with Washington. I kept saying, "If I grew up here, I'd never leave!"

We stopped by these beautiful falls outside of where Em's family lived. We were going to try and hike to them but the trail was closed. Aren't they pretty?

Last but not least we went to a place in West Seattle to get some really good fish and chips.
Alki, and again...since it was the first sunny day in ages.... everyone came out. My favorite? The cruisers with their crazy cars... see for yourself.

Haha, so much for the anti-cruising ordinance... The view of downtown Seattle from Alki was amazing.

Helena and Em, once again, enjoying starbucks. (catching a theme here?)

There you have it... our first day in Seattle.

Don't you just love summer traveling?

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