Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dickies Scrub Top Review and Coupon Code to Uniformed Scrubs!

A while back I was contacted by a rep at about testing out one of the Dickies scrub tops for their new spring line. I love Dickies so I had no problem with that. :) They sent me a brown, scoop neck top that had some interesting little details to it. Most of the time I tend not to pay too much attention to my scrub tops. I figure as long as they don't make me look huge or like I work in a quilt shop I'm okay. I will admit though that this top was of really good quality (no surprise with Dickies) and it felt nice to wear a soft, comfy material that actually had some tailoring in the design. Everyone at work noticed it and was like "Oh, Andi you're actually looking girly and cute today!" haha 

Don't mind the pictures. I wore the shirt twice just to get a good feel for it and I remembered on the way out the door to work the second time that I should probably snap a few photos to post on here. To make it easy I'll do my pro con list (which I do for almost every decision of my life) ...
Super Soft Material
Tailored to not look like a box (unlike most scrub tops)
Quality make that feels like it will last 
Huge front pockets that fit a ton of stuff
Cute details that people actually notice

Scoop neck is wide enough that a sports bra will show through (see above photo)
Capped sleeves feel constricting (see photo below) and a little too girly for my taste


All in all any Dickies Scrub Top is a solid investment for any nurse. I have always loved their brand and this was no exception. My only issues are related to the style of the top and that would be more in my control if I was the one doing the shopping... which I might have to do because Uniformed Scrubs gave  me a coupon code to hand out to all of my wonderful blog readers!
A couponer like me gets way too excited about such things...

If you are looking for some new medical scrubs head over to uniformed scrubs and check out their Dickies line... 
at checkout enter in "trueblue" which is 15% off until July 31st 2013.

Happy Shopping Friends!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dreaming of...

I have only three classes left before I officially earn my BSN and I cannot stop dreaming about life on the other side of school...

 Days in the country far away from the bustle of daily life

 Summer clouds and rays of sunshine

 Road trips down Highway 5 with golden hills for miles

 Grandma's deck where the sun kisses your cheeks and the flowers remind you to smile

Aqua water and cool mornings on the California coast

What are you dreaming about?