Sunday, January 16, 2011

And my soul settles...

The other day I was reading an email from my bff Helena... she recently moved away from the area... still in the same state but far enough to make me painfully miss her daily. So... we write emails back and forth, updating each other on the minutia of everyday life. The details of the places, people and things we experience. We write to each other and we process life simultaneously.

In the email she was describing the people she had recently connected with and she described it as her "soul settling" with them. The fact that they respected her more intense, internal self... how she can just exist with them. It got me thinking about the people and places in my life where my soul settles. I have some amazing people in my life who relate to the world in a similar way that I do... people who are deeply thoughtful people... people who live in an internally focused world and yet in a people oriented way... people who have an affinity for understanding the human condition... and I love that about them...
I also live in a chaotic world called the ICU... a place where adrenaline is always pumping and people are always needing you... where any little misstep can cost someone their life... and it got me thinking.... 

 Where does my soul settle?

(If only I could see this everyday... how could your soul not settle here?)

I can honestly say that the moments when I am most at peace... most settled... moments where I can just exist and feel that deep still water rest in my soul... are the moments when I am alone with my own thoughts... the moments where I can step outside on a run... out on the trails with nothing but music in my ears and the sounds of my feet pounding the ground... a rhythm that lulls me into a sort of trance. Moments where I can go for hours without saying a word to a single person. Moments where I don't have to interact with the world... but I can sit back and soak it all in... the sounds, the smells and the beauty of what is around me. Moments where I am quiet and calm and alone.

I wish I could find a way to turn inward in the midst of chaos and find that settling peace I have when I am by myself. It is the plight of an introvert in many ways.... it is hard for me to feel connected with myself and with the world around me unless I am able to withdraw from everything and everyone... quite a dichotomy I must admit...
but life cannot be lived in such a solitary place... relationships aren't built that way and we cannot exist in the confines of such a detached way of being. I think this is why mediation has become such an integral practice for so many people. I used to meditate daily and I think it is something I need to look into more intentionally. Clearing your mind and purposefully quieting your thoughts... letting the silence wash over you and letting your soul settle in that... tuning into what your mind and body and soul is saying to you... sounds nice.

I used to think that mediation was some strange, new age thing that only weird, "hippy" people did.... until one day, in highschool, my grandfather brought me to a class on meditation from his church. The instructor guided us into a deep silent trance... encouraging us to turn inward as our thoughts effortlessly floated by... one by one... counting our breaths... one by one. After the hour was up, I felt like a new person. Centered, balanced and incredibly calm.... more peaceful than I had felt in ages.
I was officially a believer of guided meditation.
So... I think I am going to make an effort to include mediation... quiet times... in my everyday life. 
How about you?
Where does your soul settle friends? Have you tried any form of daily meditation? If so, please share!


  1. As cliche as it sounds, my soul settles with T. He calms me and centers me. When I've had a chaotic day, or even a chaotic hour, talking to him or being with him soothes my soul. Guess it's a good thing I married him ;)

    I've done a bit of meditation, but I'm so impatient which kind of cancels out the meditation thing. I am a go go goer, so it's really hard for me to stick with something where I have to do nothing for any length of time. :)

  2. I'd have to say that my soul settles when I can bury my face in the chest of my dear safe, secure & most favorite place in the whole world. ;)
    btw: you're a truely unique, gifted & treasured friend....don't ever forget that...just needed to tell you- Loves

    ps Ivy's 'burpay' is tomorrow...can you believe it: she's 3 ?!!!