Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Having the flu sucks but whats even worse is waking up a week later with a sore throat and a possible relapse around the corner. Yuck :( I will be spending most of my day off in bed probably.

2. This week at work was absolutely insane! Apparently, I underestiamted the craziness that a full moon brings around here. The unit is the busiest its been in months... which I guess is good because we've been dealing with major budget cuts and all of our nurses have been floating to other floors... even the med-surg floors which really stinks. Definitely no nursing shortage here.

3. We have had no Internet or TV in our house for over a week now and its been pretty strange. I feel very disconnected from the world. As a matter of fact I've had about 4 blog posts I've started writing but haven't been able to finish because I have no Internet. When our roommate Katie moved out the cable/Internet was under her name and it just got canceled this week. The TV won't be coming back but we will definitely have to get Internet replaced very soon.

4. I got my hair straightened yesterday! Took 5 hours and I had to stay up after work to get it done = up for over 24 hours :( but it was totally worth it. Pictures of that will soon come hopefully. The before/after pictures are kind of amazing. Hopefully I can find a good example of my before  Hermione Granger-esque hair.

5. In less than 20 days I will be leaving for Ireland and Lebanon to visit two of my BFF's!!! I AM SO EXCITED! It's been years since I've been out of the country and I miss them both a ton. Plus I can't wait to get some seriously amazing photos of both countries. :D

6. Chris got to meet my mom yesterday and it was really great actually. My mom and I have had our issues in the past but I could tell she was incredibly happy for me and she really liked Chris a lot. It definitely made my heart smile to realize how much he is becoming such an important part of my life and also to know how much he wants to be.

7. Finally getting back into some serious marathon training and it feels great! (minus the soreness and the fact that I realize how much the holidays hurt my training) Did 3 days of running this week.. two of which included sprint intervals for up to 30 minutes! Also finally added in some upper body strength training. Next up is my 11 mile run on Sunday! :D

Happy Friday Friends! What do you all have planned for the weekend?!

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  1. Ireland is on my must travel list. I'm so jealous! So glad things are going so well with Chris. :) Makes me happy!

    Been a crazy running around day for me and work tomorrow. But Sunday and Monday are house cleaning and lounging days which is going to be fabulous :) (well, maybe not the cleaning, but the lounging for sure!)