Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today is not about me

My patient kicked me last night. He was confused and angry and was starting to feel that "dooms day" feeling you get at the end of a long battle with congestive heart failure. That basically sums up what the past 3 days of work have been like for me. It was a long 12 hours and its been a very long week. 

But today it isn't about me... today it is about the men and women I have the privilege of caring for everyday in my unit. Despite being kicked and spit on and called names... I was still able to say to both of my patients today, "Happy Veteran's Day. Thank You." I think it says something when even on your worst days you consider it an honor to do what you do.

I am incredibly lucky and honored to be a VA nurse today.
A gift to a patient who had recent heart surgery, his wife lovingly calls him an alien because the man never sleeps.

One of my favorite patients of all time... so far :)
To all of our soldiers who will someday be veterans and to all of the veterans out there who have served our country... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You..... it is an honor to be your nurse. 

Happy Veteran's Day!


  1. This is so rad, Andi. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for serving our heroes in one of the hardest nursing jobs that exists. You rock!

  2. :)
    (sucks about being kicked. I hope you're ok!)