Monday, November 1, 2010

Time for some hometown pride.

Admittedly, my number one baseball team is the Red Sox. I grew up watching the Red Sox because my grandfather was from Taunton, MA. (Pronounced taw'in if you're a true MA native like my grandpa)
As a matter of fact, back in nursing school during the series the Red Sox were in... I was writing a paper while watching the game. When I got the paper back after it had been graded, I see a huge red circle at the bottom of the page "I'm assuming you were watching the game last night? Boston fan are we? :) " I had accidentally written sox instead of socks. haha good times.

But today, since I am an SF bay area native... and because I LOVE my city.... seriously SF is the greatest and I've been to a lot of places.... well, today I am a 100% certified, very excited SF Giants fan. I may have a Boston Red Sox hat, but today I will be sportin' my Bonds #25 Giants T-shirt at work.
******** GO GIANTS! ********

My friends and I at a game this past summer and me with my Giants beer and awesome garlic fries. Yummm AT&T park has the best garlic fries.
Time to make history baby!!  I <3 SF! :)

EDIT: OK, all I have to say is WORLD SERIES CHAMPS BABY!

I wish you could all see what a glorious and amazing thing it has been to be in the bay area during this series. The incredible family of fans this team has created is such an awesome thing. When I came to work today, a few of us night shift folk, all dressed up in our Giants gear, ran into a room of a day shift nurse that had the game on. Luckily her patient was intubated and sedated... hah terribly unprofessional lucky ICU nurses aren't we?

We sat there, all of us, arm in arm, clenching each other as tightly as we could... and  when that last pitch was thrown we immediately jumped and ran around yelling like crazy people.

Seriously.... for hours people were running around outside the bars near AT&T park spraying champagne and yelling. For those hardcore Giants fans, this is long over due and I know there will be much celebrating going on for a long, long time because of this amazing victory. GLORIOUS is all I have to say....

I LOVE MY CITY :) I think I just became an eternal Giants fan (just don't tell my grandpa k?)

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