Friday, November 12, 2010

Life in bullet points

  • I have been craving cake recently... anyone have any good recipes to share??
  • I realize that when I am running on no sleep... when I am exhausted I am a completely different person. In fact I can't even stand myself when I get to that point of exhaustion because I am a certified pain in the ass. 
  • I despise hormones and what they do to my body. 
  • aka PMS sucks.
  • I think I am the only person who can manage to gain weight while training for a marathon. 
  • BTW, did I mention that I officially am registered to run my first FULL MARATHON  on 6/5/11?
  • I bought new trail running shoes this weekend... aren't they cute? (sorry for the crappy iphone pic)
  •  I haven't pulled out my camera since Colorado and I'm seriously jonesin' for some photography time.
  •  Sometimes when I look at my photos I close my eyes and try to pretend I've never seen them before... when I open my eyes and see them again I fall completely in love with every single image.
  • This girl has an amazing voice and I've been listening to this song over and over again.

    • I have a really bad habit of listening to a song on repeat for days.... literally days.
    • Boys are dumb and I don't understand them at ALL... truly part of the reason I love being single is because I don't have to try and figure them out... most of the time I just pretend they don't exist but every now and then that doesn't quite work and I realize all over again that they are just frustrating... stupid boys.
    • Something REALLY exciting.... I'M NOT MOVING! I've convinced my roomie Sam to pay a little extra so we can just have a spare room and that way we will keep our awesome condo, have a guest room and no moving!! yayyyy
    • Sorry for the lame post but I have not had the time to sit and properly blog. Hopefully that will change very soon. :)
    Happy Friday Friends!!


    1. I've got two really good cake recipes. One's a chocolate cake and one is an English sticky toffee pudding cake. So delish. I'll email them to you because they need typing.

      Agreed -boys brains just don't work the same way that ours do!

    2. ohh Britt yes please do send them! They both sound amazing!
      And yes there is something seriously strange about the brain of a boy... it just does not function the same at all!

    3. i have a really good chocolate/peppermint one but it requires a LOT.

      and i want to do research and the male brain and see where the neurons are missing for comprehension and common sense.

    4. hahaha Chong I really love "for comprehension and common sense" hahahaha I wish you could see how hard I'm laughing. I miss you <3

    5. Congrats on not moving and yes, boys are dumb. They are like kids. Although I hesitate to compare them to dogs (like my best friend compares her husband to their German Sheppard) I am more and more inclined to agree with her. Men needs rewards and when naughty be put in the "doggy house." Although some of my girl-friends might disagree, until I found one where mutual attraction was there (meaning he liked me as much as I liked him, NOT me obsessing over him and he doesn't even know I exist kind of deal) then the "doggy training" works. Until then, he'll just be a regular ol' dog that's not worth your attention for doggy training. :)

    6. oh, and, as always, I'm in love with your photos. Totally.