Friday, August 27, 2010


Summer is winding down...
I'm actually glad... I miss the fall... I'm tired of my room being a greenhouse while I'm trying to sleep during the day... seriously it's so. effing. hot. in my room
One of the downsides of working the night shift I guess...
...but before summer fades away... I'll post some lovely pictures I was able to take of a recent, impromptu, dinner party we had on our balcony a few weeks ago...
there are few things greater than an evening with some good food and great friends

As requested by my roomies, Katie and Sam... (my roommate Sam had run a half marathon that day!) I made my homemade lasagna... and berry oat crumble for dessert...
We had some good wine and blueberry water... an idea I got from here
We sat outside in the warm summer air with candles all around and white lights draped above us...
We put our old wine bottles to good use and stuffed our cheery sunflowers in them...
We even busted out the marshmallows and made s'mores over a small bucket grill that Katie had bought... just for an event like this...
(no one tell our homeowners association... or we might just get kicked out... we already recieved a letter about the lights hanging on the trellis... oops)
Good food... Good friends... Good times
Is it just me or did the summer seriously fly by?


  1. So sweet! I want to go to your house for dinner! Seems like the summer flew by for me too - but I wanted it to!

  2. I am seriously in LOVE with your pictures! You are a wonderful photographer!

  3. Thanks guys! It was fun to have and photograph.

  4. Okay really. I am walking out of my front door right now with the kids in the double wide jog stroller and we are not stopping until we make it 2000 miles to Cali to partake in the next dinner party! I can't say that with my kids it will be as civilized, or that there won't be blueberry water all over the lovely table cloth and s'mores on the hanging lights, but still we are on our way right now!!

    Seriously, though, great photojournalism! My #1 fave pic is the berry oat yummilicious thing. Good heavens that looks like it's worth walking from Atlanta in a double stroller for!

  5. haha Thanks, you and the boys have an open invitation!

  6. wow! beautiful pics!! makes me want to throw an end of summer dinner party! thanks for the inspiration!