Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby, Get Your Roller Skates On!

Maybe it was because I was just oblivious to it last year.. or maybe it was because I was in my preceptorship or getting easier assignments since I was the new grad. Or maybe I've just been given the rite of passage into the tough assignments (seriously, even my experienced, co-workers have agreed I've been getting crazy assignments lately) but I'll tell you that work recently.....  work. has. been. insane.

I'm talkin' full unit, code bed only, emergently intubating 2 patients at the same time, right at the beginning of my shift - crazy. Hematocrit of 11, post surgical patient...yup, you just bought yourself a ticket to CT scan and guess who's comin' with you? The resource nurse... aka.... me. 3 IV pumps, ventilator, pressure bags, blood warmer...the works...5 person transport team included.... here we go folks... gonna be another busy night.

I think Ive just decided to come to grips with it and I've come to realize that...well..this is the ICU.

I think it's been a factor in my recent feelings of burn out. It's been better, it really has but there are still moments, certain shifts that simply leave you tired and angry and just so over it.

Last night could have been one of those shifts, earlier this week when I was also resource...yup, definitely could have been one of those shifts.... but I hung in there.... I stuck it out.... with minimal complaining too. Despite the fact that I have literally only assisted with one emergent intubation in my entire life. Its not fun... I promise. Can I also add that it included a straight up fight between the ICU team docs and the surgical team of one of our patients. A full blown, yelling included, argument about whether to intubate the patient or not.... meanwhile the guy is unresponsive... making buzzing noises with foam coming out of his mouth.

Wow... I love my job...

But... if anything I'm learning to roll with it... "Get your roller skates on baby!" a friend of mine said last week.
Check and check....  a piece of advice that is so simple yet so valuable.

Get ready to roll with it and when its time... leave the crap at the door. When you go home... you do the best you can to breath and leave it outside.... or maybe stuffed in your locker somewhere at work. Otherwise, I'm convinced this type of job will eat you alive well before you celebrate your five years of service.
Phew... had to get that one out.... at least I'm in one piece and still smiling at that!
Also on a really fun note... saw Step Up 3D and WOW...can I just say
Great music + Crazy-off-the-hook-dancing + some seriously gorgeous boys = great movie to watch after a long day. Totally lovin' the soundtrack to it... can't wait to go running to it soon.

How'd everyone else enjoy their weekend? :)


  1. A nurse friend always says she wears her rollerskates to work :) Sounds like a rough night!

    I, of course, did wedding things all weekend. Also, bought a new Macbook Pro. I'm excited. :)

  2. Hey Andi! it's tricia! i love your blog. i'm right there with you on the whole burnout/frustration thing. just hang in there and know we've all got each other...or at least a good stiff drink awaiting at the end of our shift! ha

  3. yikes! and here i was all pissed off yesterday when i got pulled to another floor and the techs kept pissing me off cause they wouldn't do their job!! made me thankful for the ones i usually work with! but now i'm really thankful for my work weekend! hang in there! i know you're awesome!

  4. @Tricia, thanks girl! Amen to the stiff drink haha. Hopefully it'll get better.

  5. Andi, keep kicking ass. The residents, the doctors and of course, the patients need nurses like you. Trust me. . . you know how I feel about my nurses!

    Whelp.. . gotta go finish rounding. . . putting my rollerskates on, too! :)