Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If you could see me now...

You would see a big, fat, frown on my face :(

Last week I injured my calf muscle... my Tibialis Posterior muscle to be exact... the right one. Ya, I'm a nerd and looked up the specific name because I had to keep explaining to people that it wasn't shin splints ( unless its shin splints on one side?) and it's been way too long since I took anatomy so yes... I looked it up. In the picture it's the red muscle.

Needless to say, ever since I quit smoking (3 months ago now!!) I have been running... almost every day. I'm up to 3 miles a day now. I've lost weight... almost 15 pounds! I feel great and it has just been such a wonderful thing to get back into exercising. I feel stronger and happier and healthier. Running has become an integral part of my day (and my sanity for that matter)... especially now that I've given up on a serious vice I had been using for almost half of my life... running took the place of my former stress reliever... smoking.

So, you can imagine how incredibly frustrating it is to have gotten an injury that might possibly prevent me from running for a couple of weeks.... no running for a couple of WEEKS? If I don't run for 3 days I get antsy and I eat too much and I don't sleep well... it's really all bad.

SO... here's my question for you guys... I know some of you out there are runners. How do you deal with injuries? Especially muscle strains or possibly shin splints? Any other suggestions for ways to exercise without exacerbating the injury?


  1. You definitely need to take a break from running to let it heal. Otherwise it will drive you nuts forever. Is there a pool near you? I always find swimming a great way to exhaust myself! :) You could also do some arm/ab weights/strength while you wait for your leg to heal.

  2. ohh the pool is a great idea. I tried the eliptical today and that was actually really good, so much less impact on my poor legs. I think Im gonna do weights tomorrow but I think you're right Britt... rest I must.

  3. I'm so sorry. I remember after having my foot surgery, at 6 weeks I was getting pretty sick of sitting around. My suggestion: Meditate: or some easy upper body yoga positions that don't compromise your leg injury. Take this time to reflect, give your body a rest, and breathe! I'm so very proud of you, and again as always YOU are my inspiration! Amiz