Monday, May 24, 2010

My not fun weekend

Saturday night I head into work and not even 30 minutes into my shift, I'm running to the bathroom, throwing up my entire dinner. At first I thought it was because I had just been stuck in an isolation room with a detoxing alcoholic and cocaine addict. It did not smell good in there and it was very warm to boot. I gave myself a few minutes to sit and take some deep breaths, hoping the wave of nausea would subside.

No such luck. I ended up getting really sick and eventually told my charge nurse that I needed to go home. Before I left, a few of the nurses on my unit insisted that I stay and get some fluid before I went home. I think they saw how pale and awful I looked and decided I had no choice in the matter, haha.

So, I ended up sitting in the hallway while a friend of mine started my IV and another friend grabbed a bag of LR. I couldn't help but think, "this is going to make for a great blog post."

"I have a really good one on my left hand or my left AC. You take your pick." I told M. as I started to lean my head into the trash can that she had pulled next to me.

She picked the one on my hand and got it on the first stick. Thank goodness I work with a bunch of ICU nurses who are great at starting IV's.

Beautiful blood return and everything. I was actually pretty dehydrated so M. was nice enough to start a 22G instead of an 18G. My veins are already small. Geez, looking at this picture, even my hands look pale.

Anyways, after my liter of fluid, I drove home, dry heaving the whole way. It was awful and for the past two days I have been doing nothing but lying in bed until I am forced to head to the bathroom for more trauma. I tried a couple of times to eat, but it just gave more ammunition for my stomach. At first I was afraid it was food poisoning but now I'm sure it's the stomach flu.

Today has been better though. I found some leftover promethazine from a previous stomach flu last night, popped in 25mg and slept really well. I've even been able to stomach a few bites of soup, jook (chinese rice porridge) and applesauce. Thanks to my dear friend Helena, who brought me the jook and some sports drinks, I've been able to stay relatively hydrated. Still, I'm going at probably 50%. I got up and threw all my bedding in the washer, changed my sheets and cleaned up my room. It took me forever and now I'm completely exhausted.

So, I've crawled back into bed and I'm watching my recent netflix shipment, The Hurt Locker.
Hopefully I'll find the energy to actually get up and shower at some point. Ugh, I hate being sick.


  1. whoa your hand does look super pale! sadddd

  2. "Beautiful blood return and everything. . ."

    LOL, spoken like someone who was born to be an ICU nurse. Hope you feel better soon!