Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just because...

Today is a lazy day. Since I got literally no sleep yesterday, I took a benadryl and passed out around 2am and woke up at 2pm. Yes, that's 12 hours of sleep. Being a night shift nurse, I've learned to catch up on sleep whenever I can, which often means sleeping for 10-12 hours on my days off.
The rest of today I've been sitting in bed, trying to conquer my third day of being a non-smoker by catching up on all my blogs and reading a few new ones too. So fun to read about people's lives and see their pictures. To be honest, I tend to gravitate to blogs with a ton of pictures. Mainly because I love photography but also cause its just fun to look into people's lives and see pretty things. Unfortunately , I realize that because of the nature of much of what I write about I don't get to post pictures. I doubt my patients (or HIPPA) would appreciate it much if they found pictures of their wounds up here. But today I was going through some of my pictures because I'm thinking of starting a photography section on here and I found some photos of work I can show you. :)
Disclaimer: they won't be at all artistic cause they were taken with my iphone but still fun!

Here's me. I went into work one day to grab my schedule and my old preceptor goes, "Why do you look so cute!? I want a picture!" Haha I definitely did not look cute and was very amused because I think anyone who comes in who isn't wearing scrubs is considered to "look cute."

One day while I was on my orientation with the same preceptor, one of the RT's (respiratory therapists) was making crude jokes to us. Jules handled it very well and made a joke back saying she would need an emesis basin if he didn't let up. He didn't let up, so she taped an emesis basin to her chest and said, "Now, I'll be prepared for you." Haha...somehow it ended up being taped to the outside of my room, with "Tips" written on it. Hey at least we made some change!

A few weeks ago, I was in the middle of a four day stint at work and sadly on the second to last night I had gone home after work and literally did not sleep a wink. So, by the end of my last day of work I had been up for 40 hours. Work that night was awful, but thankfully it was slow and I had one super stable patient plus code bed. In order to stay awake I made a paper crane out of my gum wrapper. I was really, really focused on it and probably looked like a complete lunatic sitting in the corner folding my gum wrapper. It was pretty funny telling my friend Kelly about it online. Here's the finished product.

A while back I had a patient, a one to one assignment, sedated, intubated and on literally 10-12 drips...basically everything I love about the ICU haha. It took me FOREVER to organize and label all of my lines. I was so happy when it was done I took a picture of my IV pole. In nursing school stuff like this terrified me...welcome to the ICU.

And last but not least. My unit is on an upper floor in the hospital so we are lucky enough to have a pretty amazing view of the surrounding hills. Every morning I get to watch the sunrise and it never ceases to amaze me how lucky I am to love my job and to work in such a beautiful area. This is a poor representation of one of the sunrises (iphones do no justice) but a glimpse into what I mean.

That's it for now. Happy Saturday Friends!

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