Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photography and Exercise

Being a nurse is hard. As I'm typing this, it is around 3am. I'm taking care of my second open heart patient completely on my own. It has been crazy here tonight. A massive code blue that finally got called about 4 hours into our shift. It was a mess and it's always a little disheartening when the patient doesn't survive. I've learned though, that it's just apart of the territory.
People have been busy and it's been hard to find help. I've been battling my patient's pressures and our on call team to make decisions about it all night. At the moment, I'm nervously looking up at my monitors every other sentence, hoping my patient will hold out his pressures until 7:30am. Praying I can make it through tonight with no major upheavals.
In the past two weeks I have decided to make some pretty major life changes. I've decided to eat healthier and to exercise more...all in an effort to shed some weight and hopefully feel better in the process. I've made it officially into my 7th day of not smoking (yay!). On a personal level I have been making an effort to be more honest and learn to create more solid boundaries with the relationships in my life and in my career.
To put it's exhausting. Rewarding (hopefully) but definitely exhausting. In light of that (and the fact that my last post was eons long...haha sorry) I've decided to post a bunch of pictures I took while walking with a close friend this weekend on a trail near my house.

Literally, you're walking down this busy street and out of no where the entrance to the trail pops out...this is what you see.

Life is much happier with pretty pictures, isn't it?

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  1. Andi, these are amazing! I LOVE the bridge ones and the ones of the wooden walkway. Also, where is this??? This is by your house? Honestly, who knew. The one with the walkway looks like it's looking out over the bay. Is it?

    Hope the rest of last night went better! <3