Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Puppies, Friends and Giving

This weekend Chris and I had the joy of hosting one of our favorite couples at our home. They decided to make the trek up from Southern California last minute to adopt a puppy that needed a home. It was so much fun having them here, albeit brief. It was just as awesome meeting their new little bundle of joy, Lucy. 
 Cutest thing, isn't she?! She was also incredibly sweet and gentle and friendly considering she is a rescue. So happy for them and their new pup. 
One of the reasons I am so very thankful for these two are because of their friendship. Kristen and I have known each other for years... since junior high. We have been through high school dances, chemistry classes, moves across country, boyfriends and family issues together. You name it we have been there through it all. I love knowing that no matter where we are in life or how long it has been since we have caught up... we can pick up the phone at any moment and things just continue right where they left off. Truly we are like family. 
Last October we ran a half marathon together. It was Kristen and Adam's first half and I was so excited to be able to do it with them... at my favorite race too! Adam has been on a weight loss journey this past year or so and he has been such a source of inspiration to me. He is now training for his first full marathon! His dedication to becoming healthy and his love for Kristen is something I am so thankful for. They are an awesome team that have been a great part of my life and now Chris' too.

One of the reasons I wanted to write about these two are because of the wonderful things they are doing in their little corner of the world. Kristen is a Speech Pathologist and Adam has just recently launched one of the coolest charities I have seen. It is called Give Bag. It is a charity to serve those experiencing homelessness. 

This is how it works. Give bags are biodegradable bags that hold various food and grocery items. These bags are purchased by givebag.org or sponsored by donors and are distributed through local churches. Community members and church attendees get a bag and then hand it out to those experiencing homelessness. Oh did I mention that it's free to give the bags?

It's simple and yet so meaningful for the giver and the receiver. If you'd like to get involved by giving a bag, sponsoring a bag or you just want to learn more, check out their website at 

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