Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Week

This week has been strange. It started off with what was undoubtedly the most insane night shift I have ever encountered. 2 code blues, two e-teams, admits from the ER, emergency intubations,  people pulling out lines, bleeding from all sorts of places.... all in the span of about four hours. It was crazy, but our crew banned together and managed to hold down the fort and make it through the night in one piece.
Two nights later it is about as slow as it gets and I am bored out of my mind. Dealing with a patient who is about as looney tunes as they come. It's 5am and he finally falls asleep... now that it's time to wake up. Awesome.

I applied to school this week. I will hopefully be starting my RN-BSN program come this summer. I need a change. Work is work. It's gotten better for the most part but it is still work. I just feel stagnant. Hopefully school will be a good change of pace.

For the first time in months I started running again. After multiple rounds of antibiotics, steroids and lots of doctor visits I am finally feeling healthy enough to start training again. I have missed this. I have missed that time to myself. I have missed feeling strong. I have missed that burning in my lungs. I am a runner and I have missed it dearly. I'm glad I have it back.

I finished The Hunger Games trilogy over a week ago and I still am actively sad on a daily basis that I don't have it to read anymore. I attempted to find another YA dystopian book to read but haven't been able to get into it like THG and it just makes me more sad. Yes... I am pathetic, I know... but I still miss THG. Anyone else out there feel me on this one?

People have been asking me a lot lately, "How's married life?" to which I reply, "It's good" because the real answer is just way to long and in depth for most people to hear. The real answer is that yes, married life is good but it is also hard and fun and frustrating and challenging and tiring and wonderful and confusing. It is so many things but I think more than anything what I have realized these past few months is that I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. I mean no one teaches you how to be married. People give you advice but you never know what it will be like for you. And what works for other people may not work for your marriage. I have found that more than any other piece of wisdom I have been given... the one thing that has been the most valuable is, "Be gentle with each other... especially during that first year." Thank you Kris for those words of wisdom. It has been a life saver.

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  1. it's still a life saver for me almost 19 years later!! hard sometimes- but it really works. hang in- it's worth it- and it gets even better!
    congrats on school this summer! i think it will be good!!