Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Recap

January: Settled into my relationship with Chris and jumped into marathon training. Had the best running month of my life and felt great.

February: Traveled to Ireland and Lebanon!

March: More marathon training, overcoming some really tough long runs. Had a wonderful baby shower at my house!

April: One year blog anniversary! More running... almost at the 26 mile mark for my long runs. Ran an awesome half marathon with my BFF Bethany.

May: Ran my first 26.2 miles and got a PR during my training run! Worked a lot and realized just how hard it can be to balance life, relationships, running and work.

June: Ran TWO marathons! One in San Diego and one in Seattle.

July: Ran my third and final marathon of the year (and possibly of my life) and became a MARATHON MANIAC! Dealt with the craziness of July in the ICU (aka brand new docs... fresh out of med school)

August: Celebrated my 27th birthday! Had a patient die and was more devastated by it than any other time in my nursing career.

September: Went to Texas for the first time ever to visit my girls.

October: Began studying for the CCRN. Had a bridal shower at my house for my BFF Jen :)

November: Got engaged! Celebrated Thanksgiving with Chris and his family in Arizona. Passed the CCRN exam!

December: Moved into my new house. Picked a wedding date! Celebrated Christmas with Chris and his family and my family too. Made the coolest Christmas fort ever.

2011 has been a big year for me. I'm excited to see what 2012 has in store.... 
Happy New Year Friends!


  1. :-)

    ~ Future dad-in-law

  2. What an awesome year for you! When's the wedding??

  3. Love the recap!! Love the Christmas Fort! I vote NOT to take it down!! haha 2011 was a intense month full of many new adventures and they will continue to come in 2012! You are more experienced in your nursing career as you are one more year experienced than the last, and You are now moving toward marriage! And I'm excited to be apart of those and many more adventures!! Love you girlie! Proud of all you have accomplished!

  4. Wow! So happy for you! I remember a comment you left way back when on my blog saying you hoped to find a true love and I replied that you are a woman of faith and that God is faithful.

    Your year is a testimony.Warmest congratulations to you on it all.