Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Note to Self

If there has been one thing I have learned this week, it's that setting up IKEA furniture by yourself at 1:00am is never a good idea. ever.

I am officially getting married in three days and I think I'm on the verge of losing my mind. Between not feeling well and having a million things to do wedding related and not... it's made for a very stressful week. I have a ton of blogging to catch up on as well. Wedding stuff, nursing stuff, life stuff. 

I think it will all have to wait though... for now my "to do" list has been drastically shortened to only the bare necessities.

The weekend after I get married, my mom gets married (definitely a blog post on that is needed too).
Then, the following week I leave for Costa Rica with the girls from my work!

So all that to say... I have officially decided to go on a blog break. Not for long but probably until the end of February. I need to take some time to survive the next few weeks and then to settle into being married. Crazy!

Hope you all are doing well and I promise that when I return the posts will be well worth the wait!



  1. Have an amazing day Andi! I'll be thinking of you! And enjoy Costa Rica!

  2. Can't wait to hear all about the big day! Congrats again! Try to relax (if you can) and enjoy it!

  3. girl- you relax! and enjoy every minute!! it all sounds good and we'll be here when you return!
    all the best! xoxo

  4. I can't WAIT for the wedding post (both yours and your mom's)

  5. andi!
    can you send me your new address? i think you have a new one-
    kris reid