Friday, August 19, 2011

My August Pledge

I have raved about GradyDoctor on this blog before. I still remember the first time my bff Kelly showed me her blog and the first thing that I said was "What?! She's a doctor AND she's an attending?!"
I could not believe that someone so encouraging and down to earth and humble and genuine could actually come from the medical world and not only that but was a top dog in the medical world (which in my neck of the woods tends to = you think you are God). That probably doesn't say a whole ton about my general experience with physicians. I guess that's not 100% fair because contrary to popular belief I love a lot of doctors I have worked with and continue to work with today.... but I digress.
All I'm sayin' is that GradyDoctor is somethin' special and this is exactly the kind of thing that proves my point. Recently she did a blog post about negative self talk and how people are gonna hate... no matter what there are enough people in this world to shoot us arrows.... to cut us down... to belittle us and make us feel small... so why do it to ourselves? I think women especially have a hard time with this. We constantly complain about how we are fat or ugly or not smart enough or good enough. I know I do it all the time. So, that being said I have decided to take a pledge, along with a handful of other GradyDoctor followers. For the rest of August I have pledged to have no more negative self talk. 

This is the pledge copied directly from GradyDoctor's Blog:

Here is the pledge:

(Place your right hand over your hip and then let your backbone slip)

I, insert your name here, do solemnly pledge to allow no insults directed toward or about myself to leave my lips for the rest of the month. This includes but is not limited to references about the following:
  • butt size
  • hair length
  • baby weight
  • belly circumference
  • skin surface
  • crows' feet
  • height
  • complexion
  • salary
  • material possessions
  • marital status
  • relationship status
  • grades
  • achievements in comparison to someone else
  • achievements of your children
  • size of your house
  • make of your car
  • mistake from your past
  • compliments to others with reflexive insults to yourself in same breath
The good news is that you can liberally make reference to the following:
  • Craziness of your own family members (but only in presence of other family members)
  • Annoying quirks of your significant other (but only in absence of your significant other)
  • Any person who stars on any reality television show including but not limited to any Kardashian, Snooki, the people on the Parking Wars show, and any of the housewives Real or Basketball. (Exception to this rule: "Swamp People" and the daddy on "Pawn Stars.")
***(play the anthem below and shake what your mama gave you if you commit)***

Vowed on this day in August 2011. . . . (insert your name here.)


If you are prepared to go on this self-hateration diet for the next two weeks and you pledge to leave it to the professionals, make your mark, people!

Go check out her post here and if you are up for it join in the pledge and lets see if we can't make August an awesome, hater-nation, free month! 

  And just for fun I will be picturing getting this look from one of my favorite little girls every time I start to hate on myself. 
haha That's my girl. :)


  1. Andi, you're super awesome! Thank you for this kind shoutout. I remain in awe of you for all that you've done and continue to do! Both you and your BFF Kelly inspire me! :)

  2. haha no thats thea when she was younger!