Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ireland... Long overdue photo post

 Because I miss Ireland and I miss my Irish bff, Christine. I had some time and went through a small batch of Ireland photos. There are a lot more to sort through but these are a few from my first full day in Ireland. 

A day in Belfast. 

 An Irish roast... yummm is all I have to say.

Castles everywhere. A good majority of my pictures were taken in the car so please excuse the blur. :)

 Irish Starbucks <3

Best part of the Belfast day was a local gentlemen (who might I add was missing a few teeth) was polite enough to stop and help us when we looked lost. The Belfast accent is so incredibly thick I think we both spent the majority of the time nodding and smiling... catching only a few words here and there. He was cute though and it made me smile. :)

California is everywhere apparently.
I heart you friend. Have a Bulmers for me :) <3


  1. Pretty!!! I'm jealous - never been to Ireland. Just looks SO rainy!

  2. Awww had no idea you took that last photo... Ireland misses you and I miss you like crazy! And to K, it's not that rainy. She just happened to come in the winter!

  3. Oohhh loved seeing these photos of the Irish Fog on such a hot day. Looks like an amazing trip!!