Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life and such...

First things first... can someone please explain to me how it is already the end of May?
Seriously, where has the time gone?
I feel like my days are just melting into one long sleepless night.
I don't fully understand it but life feels like it has been busy lately. Or... more correctly, I feel like I haven't been able to keep up with my life and all of the things I wish I could be doing....
I don't think I've picked up my camera in months.
I have way too many photos that need editing and not enough hours to do them.
I'm also really tired these days.
I should be running more.
Especially since I will be running my first marathon race in less than TWO weeks.
Eating better would be nice too but that requires actually going grocery shopping and cooking.
Seeing my friends feels like a luxury because I hardly see them at all it seems these days .
I should probably start studying for the CCRN exam that I stupidly signed up to take mid-August. yuck.
 (CCRN = certification for critical care nursing.)
Work has been seriously crazy lately.
Did I say that I miss my friends already? Cause I really, really do.
Especially the ones who are in other countries right now.
I should also probably make a point of cleaning my kitchen at some point.
Our sink has been full of dishes since the weekend...
I went on a mini cleaning strike because my roommate and our mutual friend who was visiting this weekend decided to become sloppy boys and make a mess of the house.
I was annoyed and decided not to do the dishes... hoping they would magically disappear at some point.
They haven't.
Bummer for me.
I don't know how people who have kids manage to have a life... or keep their house clean.
It seems like there has been a lot of talk about kids and babies around me lately and to be honest I'm a little overwhelmed about it.
Chris wants to have three children.
Up until very recently I wanted to have no children.
I'm coming around to the idea of  having children.
Really the "ren" part of that should be in parentheses but we shall see.
Thankfully the kids issue won't need to be really dealt with for a while but its crazy/busy times like this where I think, "How in the world could I manage kids and my life and my sanity?"
Seriously, how do y'all do it?
Yes, I just said "y'all"
And on that completely unrelated note I think I need to go get some coffee.
It's only 2:00am and I'm already starting to count down the minutes until my shift ends.

Such is life.


  1. THREE KIDS??? What is he, insane? ;-)

    ~ Rick

  2. Why is your copy centered?