Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy (Belated) Nurse Appreciation Day!

Did you know that May 6th is Nurse Appreciation Day?

From May 6th- May 12th it is National Nurses Week!
A picture of some of my favorite ICU nurses and I at dinner earlier this week. :)

A little history for you: In 1974, President Nixon proclaimed a "National Nurse Week." In 1981, a resolution was initiated by nurses in New Mexico to have May 6th declared "National Recognition Day for Nurses." This proposal was promoted by the ANA Board of Directors and in 1982, with a joint resolution, the United States Congress designated May 6th to be "National Recognition Day for Nurses." The proposal was signed by President Reagan, making May 6 the official "National Recognition Day for Nurses." It was later expanded by the ANA Board of Directors in 1990 to a week-long celebration (May 6-12) known as "National Nurses Week."

In honor of the nurses nation and world wide who tirelessly care for, advocate for, love on and save the lives of their patients daily. Thank you for being you and thank you for all that you do. I am so proud to be apart of such an amazing, giving, challenging and fulfilling profession filled with wonderful people like you!
Happy National Nurse Week!
Now if you know a nurse or have one in your family it is officially your job to go spread some love and some thank you's this week. I'm sure it will be much appreciated. :)
Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Yay nurses! Happy nurses week to you! :)

  2. I do know one... YOU! Thank you for all you do and happy nurse week to you!

  3. Nurses should get a whole month! Well.. really every day should be nurse appreciation day. Spending 16 days in the hospital really made me realise how much more they're rock stars of the medical world!

  4. Happy National Nurse Week! We should be thankful everyday, but this is a time to shine a spotlight on just how special nurses are!

    It was also national Pathology week recently. Thanks to the techs and managers that run the equipment and labs 24/7. It really is a team effort.