Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I am a master at getting sick this year. Earlier this week I came down with food poisoning and proceeded to puke my guts up for the last hour and a half of work. I had to have Chris come pick me up from work and the poor guy had to hold my hair back as I proceeded to hurl up everything I had eaten in the past 12 hours. It was disgusting and awful on many levels. Thankfully I am better now but that was really crappy. At least I have a wonderful boyfriend who can take over the nurse role when the nurse in the house is sick.

2. I did Bay to Breakers for the first time last Sunday! B2B is a very famous race ran in San Fran. every year. Full of runners and non-runners who all come together and throw tortillas (totally random) and dress up in costume and run a 12k across the city. There is also a tradition of people running it in their birthday suits... can we say awkward? It was fun to see everyone come out and party in my favorite city. I also got a small taste of what the SF marathon is going to be like. HILLS :(
 Definitely one of my favorite costumes. A family ran together with shark fins on their heads and whenever they saw a group of people standing together they would run around them and circle them like sharks haha.

3. San Francisco is gorgeous! I love living in California... specifically norcal because it is so darn pretty. After B2B, Chris and I went out to lunch with Chris' little brother and his friend who just moved to the area. We had lunch practically on the water and it was an awesome day for it. That's Alcatraz over in the distance. :) I <3 SF.

4. In a little over two weeks I will be running my first marathon race! I am super excited too because one of my work BFF's Bethany will be coming with me.
She recently ran the Santa Cruz half marathon with me and we had a blast so I feel incredibly lucky to have her as a road trip buddy and cheerleader as I embark on one of the most crazy/exciting things I've ever done. :)

5.  A few months ago one of my very closest friends and co-workers was deployed to Iraq with the Army National Guard. I have been keeping in pretty good contact with her and I've been keeping watch over her house while she's been gone. It's been scary hearing her stories of the bombings that happen sometimes daily at the base there. Ever since Osama was killed she said it's been much worse. She dealt with her first trauma and death the other day too. Seriously, hearing her stories from a standpoint of someone so close to me.... its harrowing to say the least. I have a whole new respect for our soldiers and veterans. Especially those who have served in war zones. If you know one yourself... give them a big hug or an honest thank you. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

6. I've really really really been wanting a puppy lately. Sadly I am allergic to dogs and cats so it probably won't ever happen... but seriously.... if this isn't one of the cutest things you've ever seen.. you have no soul.

7. I realized today that I never finished posting pictures of Lebanon and I never posted any of Ireland. Okay maybe a few but Ireland deserves a few of it's own posts. I will start working on that. Marathon training and life in general has really taken away time for picture editing and when you have 3,000+ photos to go through..... it's a little daunting. I'm not gonna lie I haven't even really started on the Ireland photos but I do have Lebanon pics to post and they will be coming soon :)
For now a sneak peek...

 Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Leb made way more of a real impact on you which is why Ireland got overshadowed. Although, Ireland did have its SWITSHIP

  2. you are right san francisco is georgeos