Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. First things first. TGIF! I think that statement is sufficient in and of itself.  :)

2. This weekend I am running a race in Big Sur! It will be a 9-miler, training race. I am really excited because this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world and I will most definitely try and take a ton of photos along the way. Just as an example for you... a photo I found on flickr of the Big Sur coastline. Gorgeous, right?!

    Big Sur, California, originally uploaded by ` TheDreamSky.

    3.  Two weeks ago I did a 23 mile run. I could probably do an entire post just on that run because it was so. flippin. hard. BUT I will spare you all the torturous details of the 5 1/2 hour endeavor. (Yes, I ran for 5.5 hours) What I will share with you though, are the photos of what happens when you decide to run for 5.5 hours without sunscreen.
    This is right in the middle of the peeling stages. It was so awful I had to sleep with ice packs on my shoulders for days and couldn't lift my arms above my head. I also have lovely burn lines on my calves from the capri pants I was wearing. Not cute. Moral of the story: wear sunscreen.

    4. I might get to meet a fellow blogger next week from one of my favorite blogs Be Still and Know! This will be a first for me and I am very excited. She feels like a bit of a kindred spirit with her journey into becoming a missionary in Africa and it will be awesome to meet her and her husband if it all works out :)

    5. One of the perks of working night shift is that you get to catch things like the royal wedding on TV because I am essentially on Europe time. Even though I am not a wedding person at all, this wedding was actually pretty amazing and fun to watch. Kate was absolutely stunning with such poise and beauty and grace. Didn't expect to care at all but when I watched it I ended up feeling incredibly nostalgic and happy for the two of them. Best part was definitely her dress. Just gorgeous.

    6. Next week I will be running 26 miles. It is my last long training before my first marathon. This is essentially a marathon actually since a marathon is just .2 miles longer and I'll probably just end up running the extra .2 miles so I can say "I ran a marathon!" Especially since I have to work the next day and I'm pretty sure I am going to be incredibly miserable and sore.

    7. Funniest thing I heard this week at work. Actually I didn't hear it but someone told me about it and I was dying of laughter. Ok... picture a guy who looks like he came straight out of the 1970's with slightly shaggy hair and a crazy thick mustache who is just in general a pretty goofy/funny guy. This is one of our ICU fellows and during rounds after apologizing for his phone ringing he says, "I take that back. Never apologize for White Snake." hahaha  That is just awesome.

    Happy Friday Friends! Yay for the weekend!!!

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