Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

First things first! Congratulations to one of my favorite co-workers and blog readers... Mrs. Tricia Williams, your wedding was beautiful and ridiculously fun (maybe too much fun!) and it was so great to be apart of something so wonderful. Wishing you many, many happy and fulfilled days to come. You're a wife now! :D
Some of my favorite work folk :)

We definitely knew how to party it up and it was a blast to get together with my nursing buddies and cut loose. Working in the ICU can be crazy and it's nice to know you can work hard and play hard together too. This lovely woman here below is my friend Teresa... my running inspiration. She started running about a year before I did and has always been such an encouraging force for me. Love her :)

One of the greatest ideas for a wedding ever... the photobooth.
I didn't jump in on as many of these photos as I thought I would but it is seriously so much fun. Last year when one of my best friends got married she had one at her wedding and my group of BFF's went crazy all night.
Such good memories and a great way to have photos of it all!

So, since I got back from the wedding yesterday I've been a complete lazy bum....I'm not gonna lie friends.... I've done virtually nothing productive in the past 24 now I'm off to get up and clean or run and get ready for work tonight....or something to that effect. :)

How was everyone else's weekend? :)