Friday, October 22, 2010

Colorado in Autumn

I love autumn. It's my favorite season and it is no wonder that Colorado is incredibly beautiful during this time of year. The Aspen trees turn a beautiful bright yellow color; bursting out of the mountains like oil covered paintbrushes. Truly, the Rockies this time of year are breath-taking.

It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Thanks to Ami's husband Andrew, Ami and I spent a night up in Vail in a gorgeous resort that had a wonderful spa. A spa we took full advantage of. It was pure heaven to escape to the middle of the mountains with my best friend. I can't remember the last time we had a full day and night to hang out and just catch up. It was glorious...
The view from our hotel showed the adorable resorts throughout vail and a peek of the mountains with those bright yellow Aspens I so dearly love. The room itself was amazing! I would die to have a bedroom and bathroom like this in my house. Seriously, what a treat it was!

The girls, as usual were the best. It's always so amazing to see how fast they grow. It seems that everytime I go out to visit, I've missed so much... and they are already so much bigger and are growing so much faster. "Why are you so big?!" is a sentence I say often. It is really great though, to be able to be apart of their lives in such a close way. To matter that much to them and to have them matter that much to me... seriously I love these girls as if they are my own and being there for the little moments are so great. Even if it is just a haircut and a ride on the carousel at the mall. :)
I have lots more Colorado photos you can see here. For now I will leave with you a piece of the gorgeous Colorado Rockies.

Happy Friday Friends!


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  2. Beautiful pictures!!! You've inspired me to try to post some pictures up.

    I have 2 nephews (my brother's boys) and 2 nieces (my sister's girls) that I feel are my own children. Because of them, I don't feel the need to have my own.

  3. You look so happy when you're with those little ones! That last picture is stunning. It looks like the mountains are on fire!

  4. Good heavens, Andi!! I am ready to head there right now! Good for you for taking time for you!