Friday, October 8, 2010

Week Re-cap

Monday: Stayed in bed all day because I was so sore from the half marathon that I could barely walk. Fell asleep at 7:30pm because I was so exhausted.

Tuesday: Woke up at 6:30am (yup thats 11 hours of sleep) cleaned my house and then went to work that night and found out that a patient we've had on the unit for months coded over the weekend and was now on comfort care :(

Wednesday: Went home after work and since I had been up for over 24 hours at this point slept from 10am-530pm (miracle!) and then had a paired assignment at work that night that was really busy. One stable patient + one intubated patient with respiratory failure, acute pancreatitis and was now becoming septic very quickly with an elevated lactate and a pH of 7.17, CO2 in the 70's and a paO2 in the 40's.... ended up having to go above the intern and resident (they said that the blood gas "looked fine")and paged the ICU fellow at 4am.... not my idea of fun.

Thursday: Got into an accident in the parking lot at work and then had to go home and deal with insurance etc. Didn't sleep more than 4 hours and then went back to work for my 3rd 12 hour shift in a row. Survived 4 hours of our unit's annual competency fair and then had my septic patient for the next 8 hours.... luckily we had him completely sedated, paralyzed, on a ton of drips and even though he was still sick, sick he held steady all night .... my favorite kind of patient :)

Friday: I come home from work this morning and fall asleep from 10am-11:30am and have been awake ever since.... I've desperately been trying every trick I know to get some rest... meds, hypnosis tapes, guided meditation, eye covering, ear plugs, watching tv, reading.... still. wide. awake.

Since Monday morning I have had a total of 24.5 hours of sleep = I'm averaging 4.9 hours of sleep a night = I'm not a happy camper.... plus I have been too tired to go running this week and it's just making me more grumpy.

Another thing I tried to help me fall asleep was to look at pretty pictures of fall and rainy season.... fall is my favorite season and I would be the happiest person ever if it rained 24/7... seriously I love rain.

   There is something about fall and about rain that is so comforting to me.

On an unrelated but happy note... I get to go to Colorado in a week! It'll be great to see it in the fall cause after all these years I've never been there during the fall. Plus I'll get to see these guys :D
Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Ugh. I hope this weekend brings you more sleep!!

    I hope everything is ok with your car/body after the accident!

  2. ahhh! I Loves it! Sounds like you need some CO time honey...we can't wait to have you. the girls know and keep asking (like everyday!) when you're coming. Their inability of time conception is starting to annoy me. :) But it's all good, 'cause our Vandigirl is coming! I'll be praying for you to get some rest, and score some major zzz's 'till then...I love you! Aimz

  3. ROUGH WEEK! but pretty pics... love fall, rainy weather too!

  4. Oh, sleep is so important! But on your crazy schedule I can see how hard it is to get. Can only imagine. keep dreaming of the rain, maybe you'll have a stormy trip!