Monday, August 13, 2012

On the Other Side

Running 3 marathons in 2 months totally wiped me out last year. (Not to mention the handful of half marathons and other shorter races I did) I know people who have done 52 marathons in one year and in comparison I kept telling myself that 3 marathons is not that much. I felt bad for not being able to keep up and dropping out of the racing scene the way that I did after becoming a marathon maniac.
Hi, my name is Andi and I am crazy.
3 marathons in less than 60 days is INSANE. 
(Hence the name "marathon maniac" and being initiated into the maniac 'insane asylum'.)
I have to remember to give myself grace sometimes... what is okay for everyone else might not be okay for me... and that is okay too.

I wasn't sure if I would ever come around to running again. So... I took a year off of racing and decided that I would wait until my favorite half marathon came around this fall to race again. That red loop you see on my trail shoes is from that race last year. I haven't removed it yet. A reminder of what I used to love about running. 
A reminder of what is waiting for me on the other side. 
Well, it has been a long year so far and it has taken me some time to get back here.... but I think I can safely say that I am falling in love with running again and I am so ecstatic. 
I am running 3-5 days a week. Short runs, long runs, speed work. It is all coming back and I love it. 
I have even signed up to meet with a trainer to work on my pacing and I will be doing a ChiRunning workshop this weekend to work on my form. 

I am realizing now that I need running in my life. It is my place to go and be alone with my own thoughts. A place to process life and settle into my soul a little deeper. Being the introvert that I am, this is something I have underestimated in my daily life and especially in my marriage. How much I still need alone time even after getting married... I still desperately need that time to re-energize and sift through what my heart is holding onto. It is a wonderful gift... running is my gift. To my health, to my sanity, to my husband too because it makes me a better partner. I love running and I need it in my life.
And anyways... how could you not love running when you run in a place as gorgeous as this?
Welcome to the other side friend... 
the grass really is much greener here.


  1. Almost tempted to join you... ;-)

    ~ Dad

  2. Sometimes you need to take a break to appreciate it's place in your life. I'm glad you're back at it. It's my lifetime love too. :)