Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Dreams

Summer is creeping its way up to Norcal these days and it's making me wish I had a teacher's life... summers off sound really nice right about now. Especially when you know that July is right around the corner... July in a teaching hospital is not usually fun because it means that all of those wonderfully green medical students are now the doctors on call. Oh well... hopefully it won't be too bad ;)
 These days I have been dreaming of long summer days that are warm enough to stay outdoors well past sunset... in a t-shirt nonetheless.

Dinner parties with good food and great company. A walk after dinner to downtown to get my favorite gelato. 

Beach days with aquamarine water that is warm enough to swim in. Sandy shores filled with sea shells. Lazy afternoons lounging in the sun with a good book.

 Hikes at my favorite county park with the cutest farm, filled with baby goats and cows and chickens.
Life just feels so quaint and calm and slowed down.
This summer has the potential to be a little crazy.. I am starting school in July and it already seems as if the calendar is filling up. Still, I can dream of those easy, relaxed summer days and hopefully I can manage to squeeze in a few BBQ's and beach days for the sake of sanity. :)

What are you looking forward too this summer?

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  1. I love your photos :)
    Busy summer for me too! I'll be in school til the end of July, then Calgary and Halifax in July/August. Exciting! (and exhausting!)