Sunday, May 20, 2012

Be a Match... Save a Life

Hello Friends!

I wanted to drop in to share with you a really cool thing I did recently. Last week I signed up to be a bone marrow donor. An employee at the hospital I work at has a child with cancer and is looking for a bone marrow donor that matches his son. It could literally save his life and all it takes from someone like you or me is about 5 minutes of time to sign up on the website or
After signing up it took about one week to receive my kit in the mail.
The kit was packaged well and the directions were very clear and easy to follow.
All you have to do is take a swab of each area of your cheek with four different sterile swabs. You put it in the designated holder, fold over the card and stick it right back in the pre-paid and addressed envelope they send you in the kit.
 One of the reasons I was so excited about registering is because I discovered that there are now new methods to donating. I always thought donating bone marrow was this hugely invasive, painful  procedure... when in reality it is actually equivalent to donating blood!
If you have questions about it check out their myths and facts section on the site.
So, if you have a few minutes... check out and sign up to become a bone marrow donor. You might not ever be a match for someone but if you are, you could save a life!

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