Monday, December 12, 2011

Life should always be in bullet points

My life these past two weeks in 10 bullet points
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family after coming home from Arizona.
  • Worked a ton.
  • Moved into my new house!
  • Picked a wedding date and have begun planning a wedding that will be very similar to this one.
  • Am amazed at how a wedding as simple as that can still cause so much drama. Why do weddings make people crazy?
  • Got sick... twice and am still recovering from a horrible cold. 
  • Watched my new 3D TV that Chris and I scored on black friday. 
  • Did some serious coupon shopping... more on that to come in a future post. 
  • Am amazed at the generosity of my new family... seriously I am the luckiest girl alive cause my future in-laws are the best.
  • And on that note I want you all to check out this video. My future sister in-law who is incredibly talented is trying to win a contest and she needs a lot more views for her video. Trust me it will be worth your time. This girl can sing!
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. i fully agree and will probably follow suit tomorrow!

  2. So happy for you aout the engagement! I remember you commenting on my blog a ways back about trusting God would send you someone. . . He is so faithful!!!!

  3. That wedding looks gorgeous! And yes, be prepared for hella wedding drama. People go crazy when you mention wedding :)

  4. When is the wedding?? One of my best friend's got married at the SF City Hall. Just her, her hubby, and their photographer. It was beautiful. So happy for you! =)