Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life Lately

First off... to all my American readers... Happy (Late) Thanksgiving! I was all excited to do a Thanksgiving post... full of lovely photos of the dinner I had at my house (including the 25lb turkey I cooked!) but I failed miserably and forgot to take any pictures at all! Every year my group of friends and I have this tradition of doing what we call BFF Thanksgiving... usually the weeekend after and it is probably one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I've said it before but the holidays with my family are usually pretty stressful and BFF Thanksgiving is the opposite of that which is why I love it so much. Although this year my family decided to split things up and it worked out well. Dinner with my grandparents in the afternoon and dessert with my mom and her friends in the evening... made for a lot less fighting this year which was much happier for everyone I think. :)
Thanksgiving morning I ran my first 5K race... in 38 degree weather, might I add (that is freezing for us Cali folk)! The race supported an organization called KidsStrong. A charity that supports families of child cancer victims and survivors. I was happy to make a personal record also! 28:50 minutes for 3.1 miles... not bad for someone who ran 13 minute miles just 7 months ago! :)
Another fun thing that has been a great addition to my marathon training... trail running! One of the things I love most about where I live is that we have the most amazing hiking trails just minutes from my house. Full of lush green trees and redwood forests. How could you not want to run all the time when the scenery looks like this?! One of these days I'll take my SLR out there and get some better pictures of the place. Unfortunately my iphone takes pretty crappy pictures but I think you guys get the gist :)
In a few weeks I will be running my first 10K trail race too which should be fun... especially because there will be finisher medals for that one. I'm a total sucker for those racing medals!
On a more personal note... this girl... the one who has been infamously single and has (for the most part) loved it and thought she would remain that way forever... is now in a relationship... *gasp* I know... there will be updates on that to come soon but for now I must get back to work :)

How was everyone else's holiday?


  1. I'm so bummed I forgot pictures too--I'd brought my camera that night, too. Oh well. But yay for Friday!

  2. happy late thanksgiving! congrats on the 5k!! and guess what! i'm training for one! i told my hubby that i think I'd like to do one to and he looked up a 9 wk program (you totally motivated me)! had my first "session" yesterday! i'm pumped! i'll keep you posted! yesterday it was walk/run/walk/run... but i'm sticking with the program strickly so will be able to one run by the end!

    Can't wait to hear more details about your new relationship! and thanks for your kind words about my grandma. my family and i are doing well. she lived a great life!

  3. happy belated Thanksgiving to you, too, Andi! :))

  4. Ooooohhh! A relationship? (me rubbing my hands together) Can't wait for the slow-paced-and-within-reason-to-share-on-the-blog-type details!

    What great year you're having! Its GOOD to see you enjoying God's favor. . . .(me now clapping my hands). . . . Yay!! Looks like this is your season. :)