Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why I love the ICU

One of the things I love about nursing is that it’s an all-encompassing profession. There are so many avenues you can choose from. Wound care to pediatrics, intensive care to consulting. The range is vast and wide. It was always disheartening for me to see my friends in school who struggled through med-surg. Many of them were phenomenal people who would one day be wonderful nurses…. just not med-surg nurses. Midwives, labor and delivery, rehab and psych nurses. I could see their place in our profession so clearly. Unfortunately you still have to survive nursing school to get to that point and the truth is you will use the basis of medical-surgical nursing in almost any field you choose. It is in many ways the foundation of what we do.

Over the past months since starting in the ICU I have been going through the process of discovering exactly why it is I love my job.

Why do I love the ICU?

I love the ICU because it is challenging. I love it because it is the perfect mix of physiology and psychology of the human life. I love it because I have a greater autonomy with the care of my patients. I love it because it is fast paced and yet incredibly thorough and detail oriented. I love it because I know I will never get bored or complacent in my job. But most of all, I love it because in the absolute worst and most frightening time in someone’s life, I can be the person that will make all the difference in that patient’s day. I have the ability to help restore dignity, health and comfort into someone’s life. I have the ability to bring compassion to a dying person’s family. I have the chance to give the absolute best care possible to a person who is vulnerable, scared and broken. I can make a difference in someone’s life.

Do you love what you do? If so, then why?

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  1. Aw, I just reread this. I love that last paragraph a lot. That's been what you've wanted for so long and seriously, how amazing you're doing it now.

    Right now I'm HATING WHAT I DO because this synopsis is taking forever/is way too long/it's really really hard to synopsize (ha, is there a real word?) a character-driven story. And I'm tired. And sort of discouraged. And still crazy nervous.


    But I'm lucky a GI bleed pt didn't just throw up on me, so. Silver lining. I hope work's going well! <3 Maybe I'll see you online later (much, much later, depending on how long this thing takes me) online.