Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dreaming of...

I have only three classes left before I officially earn my BSN and I cannot stop dreaming about life on the other side of school...

 Days in the country far away from the bustle of daily life

 Summer clouds and rays of sunshine

 Road trips down Highway 5 with golden hills for miles

 Grandma's deck where the sun kisses your cheeks and the flowers remind you to smile

Aqua water and cool mornings on the California coast

What are you dreaming about?


  1. You're getting so close! I'm dreaming of the ocean! I was in Vancouver yesterday and couldn't get enough of it!

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  3. Almost crossing the finish line! Good for you. :-)

    ~ Dad

  4. I found you here because of your review or Uniformed Scrubs. The end is in sight. About a year ago, I was feeling the way you are right now. I finished my RN-BSN program in May, and it feels so GOOD being finished.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on finishing! I am only a month away and I can hardly wait!