Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Week in Pictures

The Pumpkin Patch!
Chris and I have decided to start getting creative with our date time. He decided to claim the name "Date Master" (which he states should be in all caps with the date master wearing a wizards hat and robe... my boyfriend is crazy cute)

So for my first pick I decided that we should go get pumpkins and carve them. We ended up taking one of his little brothers with us and it was super fun... we never did get to the carving part though... maybe if we get lucky, sometime before Halloween we will. :)

One of the fun things about it was driving through a huge corn field/maze to get to the entrance. Really glad we decided to go in the daytime. >_<
Then this weekend I ran a half marathon in Chris' hometown. (possibly my last one for the year)
The course was surprisingly gorgeous with lots of golden rolling hills and a lake that looked like glass.

The best part of the race though was the fact that I convinced Chris' little sister to run it with me.
This is her probably wanting to kill me at mile 7. haha poor thing. I was so proud of her for toughing it out though... 13.1 miles of rolling hills and with a hip injury at that!
The truly amazing thing about it was that this was her first half marathon and she finished with me at 3:01! I have a feeling this won't be her last race.

And everything else in between was filled with work and lots and lots of studying for my upcoming CCRN exam... more on that to come later.

Happy Tuesday Folks!


  1. ohhhh i miss california!!!
    thanks for the pics- in uganda we can only get green pumpkins!

  2. Can't believe you told the world about DATE MASTER!