Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Back!

Marhaba! (Hello in Arabic)
Well.... I'm sort of back. I am home from vacation. It's good to be home and have my own bed and familiar surroundings and of course it was wonderful to see Chris after two long weeks of distance. It was great to see my bff Kelly and her husband J too. Still, coming back to reality and jumping right into the stressful world of the ICU has been a bit of a bummer. Mix that in with some serious jet lag and a bit of reverse culture shock... I'm still trying to get my feet on solid ground... if you will.

I have a million posts that I want to do about my time in Ireland and Lebanon.... I took close to 3,000 pictures! Yikes... gonna have to narrow those down and do some editing before I post any of them. :)
Ireland was amazingly beautiful but Lebanon captured my heart in a way that made me feel alive and so incredibly blessed. Something I haven't really felt in years. I can't wait to share more with you all.... but in the meantime I need to unpack, buy some groceries cause I have NO food in my house, find time to catch up on blog reading and settle back into the hum drum of daily life. Oh... and spend some quality time with the people I haven't seen in weeks.

So even though I'm back it will be a bit before I have some quality time for posts.

Hopefully... the pictures will be worth the wait :)

In the meantime, hang in there with me and tell me what life has been like for you these past two weeks... anything exciting going on in your lives?!


  1. Welcome back, Andi!! We missed you and can't wait to see the pictures!!!

    Did you see my post for you on top ten ways to know the nurses hate you? It was just for you and your ICU posse! :)

  2. so glad to here you're home safe & sound. so many things have transpired for us the past few weeks, we'll catch up soon. take it easy, & be nice to you! -Ami

  3. Welcome back to the US friend! sigh, how wonderful to travel to neat places! can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  4. I knew Lebanon was going to be a completely different experience! I'm so glad you had a rested time here and with Annie. Miss you though!