Friday, September 17, 2010

Staying Afloat

Okay friends... I'm not gonna lie.... life has been overwhelming recently, and despite my mini hiatus from blogging and my attempt at "going off the map"... I've been really tired. 
It's strange too because it isn't the same as when I was feeling burnt out. It's not that same angry, "over it" omgIcan'tstandpeople feeling... it's more like...  okay, if I have to interact with another person I think I might just shut down and shrivel up inside and be non-functional for eternity. Basically, it comes down to this...

the introvert inside me is hardcore rebelling.... and if I don't listen I think there will be repercussions.

Mainly to my sanity... but that's just not something I can sacrifice these days. So, really all that means for you is a shortened version of the vacation update. I was going to do a day by day post of Hawaii but I think now all I really want to do is post pictures.... and let's be honest.... that's all people really want to look at anyways right? :)

There are a few main things about Hawaii I do have to acknowledge though... Seriously, have any of you seen water so green.. aqua... BRIGHT blue in your life? I was floored the entire time I was there. The water was warm and salty as ever and despite the fact that it burned my eyes and seriously gave me the best nasal lavage ever... (sorry I'm a nurse remember) I felt like I could swim in it forever... except that the ocean freaks me out and I'm terrified of any part of the ocean where I can't touch the bottom safely... sucks for me cause I'm 5'1" = I'm basically stuck on shore.  Still I couldn't get over how amazing the water was!
Another thing that was incredible were the actual mountains.. we did a completely and utterly horrific adventurous hike (we happened to go off trail a bit but to be honest it was fine despite the craziness) and we came across the most amazing trees with green areas that seriously reminded me of being in the jungle... or the movie Ferngully. 
                 So much light!        Also a TON of climbing that day.
Maybe next time we will learn to pay attention to the effort previous hikers have gone through to write "STOP HERE!" as a warning for what's ahead... hah.... next time
Also the food was amazing... definitely all pretty unhealthy stuff which felt kind of gross after a while but they had some really great places with some super yummy kahlua Pig, Kyoto style ramen, shrimp trucks, malasadas, burgers, shaved ice.... yumm I'm actively missing the malasadas right now.
If you're ever in Oahu I would recommend looking up Leonard's Bakery, Giovanni's Shrimp truck on North Shore, Yotekko-Ya Kyoto Ramen, Kua 'Aina Burger and Waiola's shaved ice. 
I have a ton more pictures to post... I literally took 1,000 photos and narrowed it down to about 150 worth editing and posting. I'll put up some more in future posts but for now I'll leave you all with this...


Happy Friday!

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  1. Whoa. . . these pictures!!!!! Awesome!

    (And yes, you are very much a nerdy nurse when you draw parallels between ocean swimming and nasal lavages!)